Uciesse is an Italian company specialized in
production of components and precision parts processed from plastic materials.

We use CNC machines to turn and mill parts for small series supplies (from 10 to 1, 000 pieces) from plastics such as:

PE polythene, POM C, PTFE, rigid PVC, PA6 Nylon, Phenolic Cotton Laminate, FR4/GPO3 epoxy fibreglass.

We ship to UE destinations, in 10 day lead time from the order.

Uciesse is an Italian company specialized in production of components and precision parts processed from plastic materials

Located near Turin, in the north west of Italy, the Uciesse plant covers an area of ​​over 1,000 square meters. with large, bright and equipped working environments to handle large elements and host machining centers with machinery such as pantographs, lathes, 5-axis CNC, panel saws.


Programming CAD / ISO

Starting from the customer's request, our technicians work in collaboration with the sales office and with the workers on board the machine, for the definition and verification of processing problems, starting from solid models, surfaces or more simply from two-dimensional drawings to be processed. Programming can be carried out both for stock removal operations such as milling and turning, and for special productions.

Custom CNC machining as per drawings

Production process of transformation of semi-finished thermoplastic materials, starting from slabs, lists, bars and rounds, for the realization of custom-made parts on specific customer request. The production of these parts, such as bushings, cylinders, rollers, pins, discs, spacers, plates, brackets, supports, supports, gears

Special production

Through the custom-made processing of thermoplastic materials it is also possible to make some products that require additional work steps such as welding, adding inserts, bending, assembly and other required finishes. It is possible to obtain items such as tubs, cabinets and cabinets in rigid PVC, shelters and casings

Cuts from slabs

Thanks to the panel saws (horizontal and vertical) in the factory it is possible to customize the formats of plastic materials and electrical insulators, providing strips and/or pieces, realizing semi-finished products of the required dimensions, maintaining standard lengths such as 1000-2000-3000 (depending on the material).

Control and testing

With a view to the continuous improvement and implementation of an ISO certified quality system, the control unit verifies the conformity of a product or processing process to ensure the customer through measurements, tests means the conformity of one or more characteristics of the particular product.

Logistics and shipping

Inside the logistics unit there are operators in charge of supplying the semi-finished products in the form of slabs-lists-round bars, their storage inside the central warehouse and the transfer to the processing unit. In addition, they handle the packaging of the goods and its transport through the network of carriers

Production and sale

The commercial unit is structured to provide prices and availability of semi-finished materials as well as for the estimation of parts processed by drawing, in a short time, evaluating the specific needs of the customer, and offering the best applicable solution.

Customized machining and technical advice for:

Chain Wheels and guides
Bushing and Cams
Slide and guide plates
Toothed racks
Idler rollers
Guide rails

Rope pulleys
Sliding components
Sheave Pulleys
Cam disks
Gear wheels
Transport stars

Pump wheels
Curved guides
Crane supports
Idler and guide rollers
Low friction
Industrial pistons, gears, o-rings, bushes and wear pads